Dr Kathryn Hughes takes you on a journey into the psychology of crime. The terms Offender Profiling, Criminal Psychology, Forensic Psychology and Investigative Psychology bring about a variety of connotations. This book gives a simple and understandable overview of the subject. It is an excellent starting point for those who are fascinated by true crime and offender profiling. It is also an excellent starting point for students and professionals who are interested in the subject. This book is written for anyone who wants to know more about the psychology of crime. You won’t be blinded with science, complicated language, or advanced statistics. This book is intended for those who are interested in the subject, regardless of academic ability. Dr Hughes’ aim was to create an informative and easy to understand overview of criminal and investigative psychology. By the end of this book, you will have a much better understanding of the psychology of offending and the various ways in which these are integrated into law enforcement.

Kindle edition: kindle UK edition