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Crimepsych provides premium quality content for all levels of education and knowledge. Whether you are a professional looking for promotion or continued professional development, a school or college student thinking of studying the subject, or a curious true crime fan, we have what you need


CrimePsych wants to enhance your understanding of the Psychology of Offending. It does so by providing online courses and live events where people from any background can learn the motivations, justifications, and underlying behavioural characteristics of criminality.


Learn about offender profiling and criminal psychology with Dr. Hughes, a criminal psychologist. Whether you are already a professional in the field or have a curious mind, we have the right course for you.

We have a range of exciting and innovative eBooks available. These are available in PDF, Kindle, and Kobo formats.

Live seminars and events presented around the U.K. by Dr. Hughes that introduce you to a wide range of subjects within criminal psychology.

This online interactive game gives you easy-to-follow videos and a choice of evidence to collect. Learn how to profile each suspect to identify the killer and solve the crime.

COMING SOON. Whether you are looking for a team-building event with a difference or providing continued development to employees, we can tailor events to your needs.

Our weekly podcast series explores the psychology behind some of the worst crimes and criminals. 

I went to an event with CrimePsych Training last night and it was amazing and I solved the case


Introduction to offender profiling, Ashton

What a fantastic event! Really enjoyed our evening and learned so much that you couldn’t possibly understand without an expert explanation. I would LOVE to the next level vent.


Offender profiling experience attendee, Runcorn

Very good event, very insightful. Lots of great information explained in plain English with little jargon. I would recommend to anyone, would make a very good group event.


Offender profiling experience attendee, Chesire

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