Welcome to CrimePsych.

CrimePsych wants to enhance your understanding of the Psychology of Offending. It does so by providing online courses and live events where people from any background can learn the motivations, justifications and underlying behavioural characteristics of criminality. CrimePsych aims to bring awareness of Investigative Psychology, Offender Profiling, and Forensic Psychology to illustrate the ways in which these disciplines can be used to understand offending.

CrimePsych helps people develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills that will enable them to interpret offending behaviour and gain insight into criminality. CrimePsych offers information on many aspects of criminality including deception, stalking, domestic abuse, rape, and murder, which delivered through weekly blogs, vlogs, live events and online course.  

The founder, Dr Kathryn Hughes, set up CrimePsych to share her knowledge and experience in the psychology of offending. Dr Hughes wants to share her passion for learning with others and encourage people to ask questions and seek out answers. Everything on this website is based on fact and research and is aimed at improving understanding. 

I went to an event with CrimePsych Training last night and it was amazing and I solved the case


Introduction to offender profiling, Ashton

What a fantastic event! Really enjoyed our evening and learned so much that you couldn’t possibly understand without an expert explanation. I would LOVE to the next level vent.


Offender profiling experience attendee, Runcorn

Very good event, very insightful. Lots of great information explained in plain English with little jargon. I would recommend to anyone, would make a very good group event.


Offender profiling experience attendee, Chesire

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