Homolka and Bernardo are a married couple who appeared to be an average couple but worked together to  lure, torture, rape and murder adolescent girls. They videotaped their crimes which documented the horrific tortures and rapes.

Paul Barnado began raping and assaulting women before he met Homolka.

Videotapes showed Homolka sexually assaulting four female victims, having sex with a female prostitute in Atlantic City, and at another point, drugging an unconscious victim. The couple killed 3 girls one of which was Homolka’s younger sister. The other two were kidnaped, held against their will and raped then killed by the pair. Homolka eventually left the relationship after Barnardo had become violent towards her. This ultimately led to her taking a plea deal in exchange for her testimony. This mean that she only received a 12 year sentence for manslaughter. Barnardo was sentenced to life and will never be released from prison.

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