Shawcross was born in 1945, in 1968, at the age of 22, he was jailed for arson and served two years of a five-year sentence. Arthur Shawcros’s first known murders were in 1972 when he killed a young boy and a girl in Watertown USA. In 1972, Shawcross lured ten-year-old Jack Blake into some woods, where he sexually assaulted and then killed him. Ahawcross was known to the family and had taken Jack on fishing trips in the past. Around the same time he raped and killed eight-year-old Karen Ann Hill, who was visiting Watertown with her mother. After Karens body was found, they proposed a plea deal to Shawcross whereby he would tell them were Jack’s body was and only be charged with manslaughter for one child. Other sources say that it was a telephone tip off that led him to be linked to Jack’s murder.

Shawcross was sentenced to 25 years in prison but only served 15 years then was released on parole. Once released, Shawcross continued to murder.  The short version of what happened next was that he killed 11 women who were mostly sex workers. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and died in prison.

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