The seductions of crime

Many of my blogs and videos are written from the perspective of a criminal psychologist. As a researcher, I want to examine crime and criminal behaviour so I can understand or explain behaviour. Much of this is done by conducting large scale studies and categorising...

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The psychology of violence

Violence can occur in many ways under a variety of circumstances. Violence can have a huge impact on a wide variety of people. The act of violence stems from the emotion of anger. Everyone experiences a range of emotions from happy and excited to sad and angry, it is...

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Advice for your wellbeing over Christmas

It is no surprise that Christmas can be either the most wonderful time of the year or the worst time of the year. Sometimes it is both. Everybody is different and so will have a variety of things that can either delight or dread you. I personally do not think that one...

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Staying safe over Christmas

Although Christmas is a wonderful fun-filled time for families, it is also another opportunity for offenders to strike. There are numerous areas in life where you can be more at risk of crime over the festive period. You are at risk of having money cards or goods...

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Domestic abuse

When we hear the term domestic abuse, many people would automatically imagine a husband beating his wife. However, the term domestic abuse covers a wide range of unhealthy behaviours and the victims of abuse can be male, female, young, old, any race or any religion....

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