Eyewitness testimony

An eyewitness is considered to be someone who has seen or hear a crime being committed. When the police are investigating a criminal act, they interview everyone who was in the area at the time to determine whether they saw or heard anything which may be of use in...

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The psychological effects of prison

With the second wave in full flow in the UK, we have all begun to feel the psychological strain of having our movements restricted. This has had an even bigger impact on the prison population who were already restricted. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a...

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Geographical profiling

David Canter suggested that people reveal themselves through the locations where they commit crimes. Geographic profiling is the process of determining the most probable area of an offender’s base of activities through an analysis of his or her crime locations...

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Cults and how to escape them

Within the psychological research, there are different explanations for involvement in cults. Some researchers believe that involvement in cults is an evolutionary trait. We know that our bodies have evolved to adapt to our environment and is passed on from generation...

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Are vigilante groups a good idea?

With the ease of sharing information over social media, we have seen the formation of self-proclaimed paedophile hunters. Almost everyone re-posts and shares information on known paedophiles in the area and most think they are doing an excellent service. I have heard...

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