Male rape

When we think about rape, we usually imagine a man raping a woman. However, men can and do get raped in a variety of contexts. 20% of women and 4% of men have experienced some type of sexual assault since the age of 16. However, rape is one of the most under-reported...

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What happens when you report a rape

The process of reporting and investigating rape varies from country to country. In the UK, the government and police clearly set out the process that a person goes through and explains each stage in detail so you know what to expect when you initially report a rape....

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Rape in prison in the UK

It is a well-known fact that rape happens in prison. There are always debates about the numbers as the majority of incidents are never reported. Whenever we think about rape, we immediately think of a man raping a woman. However, men can also be raped. Poor-taste...

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The psychology of burglary

I know from personal experience, that the crime of burglary is deeply distressing. We consider our homes to be a safe haven, a place where we keep our treasured possessions and feel safe from the outside world. When someone comes into our personal space and takes our...

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Why do we love true crime so much?

In modern times, we are obsessed with true crime. There are hundreds and thousands of books, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs on the subject. There are also hundreds of true crime documentaries as well as fictional accounts. We seem to be an ever-increasing audience hungry...

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The psychology behind anti or pro-mask wearing

The whole world is in crisis right now. We are experiencing a global pandemic of COVID-19 and economic uncertainty. We are all feeling fearful of what the future might look like. All of my social media pages are filled with conflicting information and people arguing...

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